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Avanco Leadership’s primary focus is coaching. I work with you and your organisation to get you where you want to go.

I know first-hand what it’s like to lead multi-disciplinary teams. I draw on proven coaching methods and my own experience to help current and emerging leaders set their people and organisations up for success.

You know your business. As a leader, you need to be able to STOP, THINK, and REFRAME the challenges and opportunities that come with leading others. Avanco Leadership provides you with a safe, confidential space where you can process all the aspects of your role. In one-to-one coaching sessions, I will help you recognise and tap into your unique strengths as a leader and learn/discover how to bring the best out in others. I offer team development including workshop facilitation, speaking engagements and leadership training, tailored to your needs, and am experienced in working with individuals and teams via video conerencing to meet the rapidly changing needs of organisations in our current climate.

Still weighing up if you or someone in your team needs coaching? The truth is that if you’re thinking about it, you need it and are ready to take the next step.


Avanco Leadership Coaching can help you to:

Discover your ‘Why’ as a leader
Develop your leadership skills
Inspire, empower, and release those you lead
Communicate effectively with your team members
Learn how to delegate effectively
Learn active listening skills
Encourage innovation and collaboration
Lead solution-focused teams

Great leaders take time to learn the art of leadership. They’re life-long learners and seek coaches who are experienced, professional, honest and trustworthy.


Executive coaching focused on you and your goals. You aren’t just your position in a company, you are a whole person, and your role as a leader should be an extension of who you are. Coaching isn’t about formulas; it’s about a one-to-one connection and getting to know you, your values and priorities in life and business.
Relationship Fit Test
Coaching only works in an environment of trust, and the Relationship Fit Test helps us determine if we are a good fit for working together.
Monthly Coaching
Hourly coaching sessions happen once a month, either in person or via video conferencing.
Monthly Preparation and Follow Up
Including reviews at twelve months and significant milestones.


Avanco Leadership delivers team training and development tailored to you and your organisation's development goals.

Avanco Team Training & Development is a multi-faceted solution-based approach to bringing teams together in purpose-designed workshops, team mediation and problem-solving, and leadership training seminars and presentations.The agenda is co-created with you, focused on what you want to achieve. Commonly, these sessions concentrate on team identified challenges, opportunities, projects or priorities. Team Training & Development Sessions will help you to:

Practice active listening
Collaborate effectively
Create space for the team to develop solutions
Strengthen team relationships
Develop strategies as a team for conflict resolution


Training and development of coaches from within your organisation.

Coach Training gives you the practical skills to develop the capacity of those you coach. Using demonstration, skills practice, discussion, group work and intentional reflection, this interactive training will help you take relationships and conversations to an entirely different level. Coach Training is a two-day intensive followed by three network meetings that will equip you to:
Shift from a problem-based to a solution-based focus
Help those around you feel supported and empowered
Facilitate the development of team members
Achieve greater synergy when working with others
Enhance morale and increase engagement
Proactively resolve conflict

There has never been a more important time to lead your team with courage and honesty. If you're ready to stop, think and reframe the way you approach leadership at this time, get in touch with me today for coaching and workshop facilitation via video conferencing. 

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